Dog Adventures in the East Bay

Besides some maintenance on their fur and nails, we took the guest and legacy dogs to the almost hidden dog park in Castro Valley off Center Street today and Shando took a video.

Also, as evidenced by the picture below, Tucker doesn’t seem to have any problems using one of the doggie beds that have long since been commandeered by Cappy, who has never let Monte use the bed when she wasn’t in it, and has pretty much claimed both for herself.  It’s also possible that Monte never wanted to use it when one was being used by Cappy, but suddenly they’ve found a stronger bond to each other.  Not only do I actually see Monte move over to lay down closer to Cappy since our visitors have been around, but Cappy literally had her head resting on his body the other day, after I had observed Bella and Tucker doing the same thing to each other, yet that never happened before.  Hmmmmm.

20140709 JAH 14.38.55

July 4 Pool Party in Livermore

It was also Ray Squared’s birthday party and the big FOUR OH for the red-headed Ray Lillie.  The couple known as Ray and Ray have both of their actual birthdays on July 3 (as well as sharing a name).  July 3 was when I had my birthday party this year, which they attended, even though my actual birthday is the day before.