One of my new suits!

No, this isn’t my Halloween costume!  Since I lost weight from my gastric sleeve surgery, I really hadn’t invested in a high quality suit.  I went to Men’s Wearhouse in San Leandro and got a few tailored for my “new body” recently and I’m very happy with my choices.  I don’t think I’ve ever owned an actual three-piece before.  While I’m still most comfortable in jeans, I want to show that I have a professional looking side as well.  Here is the first suit I got back from the tailor so far:


Palm Springs with Shando

We had a good time enjoying the consistently 90-degree plus weather for a long weekend.  It was my first time flying into the PS airport.  My good friend George, with the two schipperkes pictured below, let us borrow his car and I crashed at his lovely home one night while Shando was still at his work retreat.  George, Shando and I are pictured in a booth at Lulu’s Restaurant.  Lucille Ball made an appearance in our album, too.

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