Too Soon, Scalia?

I don’t think you have to have a law degree (as I do) to be OUTRAGED at the suggestion that the Constitutional MANDATE that the United States President (who happens to be Black), appoint a supreme court justice with 11 months left in office and that the U.S. Congress fulfil its Constitutional mandate to seriously consider nominees, which it should do in good faith.  If the judicial committee of the Republican majority Senate does not step up to the plate, not only should their constituents be outraged, as I am, but they should all be IMPEACHED.  As a legal scholar and strict constructionalist of the Constitution, Scalia would be turning in his newly dug grave if he had caught wind of this.  I’m sure he would be all over this if it wasn’t serving the conservative cause, so let’s not use their far right’s love of his retrograde opinions smoke the glass here.

To the Curb, Kasich

Maybe if Kasich didn’t try to sell himself as the only “reasonable Repub” and then a few days ago make a dick move to defund anything to do Planned Parenthood in Ohio, he would have had a chance at placing above the other crazies on his side of the aisle. Like the rest of his desperate party members who are trying to rehabilitate the party, he is obviously not above pandering. Timing is everything and he benefited from the economics of his Democratic president. That’s something that other lower politicians like Giuliani also never gave credit to. In his case it was Bill Clinton who started sending money back into the cities.

Thanksgiving in Coppell, Texas

It was great to see my sister and her beautiful family, which had come in from Tennessee and Arizona.  I finally got a chance to introduce them to Shando and see a new grand-niece who was just born a few months ago.  Yes, they have a pet prairie dog.  While talking about our family history there I got inspired to join again.  I encourage people to join.  Hopefully they will reduce the price if more people join.

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Eytan Visits

I met Eytan many years ago in New York City and now he lives in Los Angeles.  This was his first trip to San Francisco and so we showed him the sites, including Fort Funston, Twin Peaks, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands.

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