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Ganglion Cysts

From standing on the NYC subway and holding the strap-hang with my left hand for two decades while reading the newspapers (this was mostly before it was practical to read the news on a mobile device), I developed a ganglion cyst (actually two) which was starting to affect my mobility, not to mention being unsightly.  At least the subway is my theory on how these developed.  So even though I haven’t lived in NYC for ten years now, I had a surgery earlier this month to have them removed because they were getting bigger.  “Bible bumps” do not effectively go away if they are hit with a big book or even drained at the doctor’s office.  I wanted something that was sure to work, so the surgery required I be put under general anesthesia so they could be removed from a plastic surgeon by the root, which was all the way down to the tendon or bone.  I had to wear a splint for two weeks, but fortunately it was not on my dominant hand, or I would have probably never had this done.  My daughter visited me right after the surgery and brought me these beautiful flowers.

Joe’s first Phone VR Experience

This was at my daughter’s home on Lake Merritt.  I’ve did VR many years ago at South Street Seaport in Manhattan during a lunch break when I worked on Wall Street, but that was like an entire room.  This has potential, I can see, but the glasses will need to be a lot more comfortable and I guess I should be standing up instead of twisting on a big couch next time.