Chatting Live

Yahoo Messenger strongly preferred – My preferred identity on here is bearlaw1968. I have many others working concurrently with that one, though, including HaydennetDotCom, UrsinetDotCom, Bearlawnyc, Jahlawnyc, NYCBearlaw, BearlawtekNYC and JHaydennet because of the way my chat client works. Remember that I will not see you if you are in stealth mode. None of these identities have email or should be itnerpreted as being my email address.

MSN/Windows Live Messenger — I can be found under the auspices of bearlaw1968 *at* (you don’t need an msn or hotmail account to obtain an MSN chat ID).   Other ID’s include bearlawnyc *at*, Ursinetdotcom *at*, joseph*at*haydennet dot com,  or joe *at*  The first three are NOT a valid email addresses.

GoogleTalk and GoogleWave – I’m bearlaw1968 on both of these.

AOL/AIM— My least preferred chat medium because of no cached messages. I have many identities on AOL, but my preferred at this time is bearlaw1968. Please do NOT use for email

ICQ — While this is now owned by AOL, it works better in terms of finding people. I have had ICQ since way back when, so my identity on there the six-digit number 838047.

Skypebearlaw1968 is my ID on there.  I use it mostly for chatting, but sometimes I turn on the webcam.

Pidgin — I highly recommend this chat client, even more than what I used to use for years, which is  These programs integrate many different chat clients, including Myspace and Facebook‘s built-in chat.
ISPQ — Free trial download. Between this one and ICUII I prefer this. For those who like to cam, I can usually be found in the Bears/Cubs/Daddies room as bearlaw1968.
ICUII — Free trial download. I don’t bother going here anymore. – “Chat Client” from is currently under construction, but I am starting to lose hope that there is going to be an effective way to chat on there, so I will probably stop subscribingto this site, which seems hell-bent on making life very difficult and forcing you to keep open and active four custom windows, just to communicate.  When a single hiccup occurs on the site, all four windows have to e reconfigured again. If you are one of the few that has the patient to chat me up there, I’m bearlaw1968 on that.

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