Since 1996 my number has consistently been +1.917.330.6105.  I have unlimited domestic texting.  Even when I moved across country I kept the number.  Most people don’t blink anymore when they see a California boy with a New York City number, possibly because they think it is related to the Sacramento area code 916, but the pizza delivery people are a little suspicious!

I consider calling someone on the phone to be a privilege. I do not pick up calls from numbers I do not recognize or that are hidden. I think most reasonable people will begin to do this, especially as I get charged for many peak calls. This is my primary phone number. I don’t even consider the landline that I was given by Comcast Cable to be my number. I also don’t use my work number for personal texting as I have limited number of texts on there and I only use that for work. I use a signature block with my web site and full name for when I post so people who haven’t even put me in their phone yet will immediately able to pull up who I am if they forgot.  It is quite frustrating to hold an entire conversation with someone and then have them say, “Who is this anyway?”

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  1. hi,Joe i would like to enjoy you party tomorrow let me know please, my cell 415-341-2284


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