Stephen Colbert Show

June, 2006:  At Brooklyn Pride (which is held yearly right by my home near Prospect Park), my friend Joel and I were interviewed for the Stephen Colbert Report on Comedy Central.  That was on June 10 and it actually aired on June 19.  We discussed Colbert’s fear of “bears” – a red herring for the real problem with America.  I told them that I was glad that Colbert wasn’t afraid of Bush, but that he should not be afraid of cuddly bears like me (even though he’s not my type).  They asked me if Colbert was a gay sex icon or a super gay sex icon, to which I responded that he at least had his ideology right.  Very little of this was used in the show, but the cute cub who interviewed me obviously had several agendas with this idea.

Don’t expect to see me much, but Joel and I are at the very tail end of this clip on the threat to Stephen Colbert’s sexuality and I say my whole name as a proud bear.  Pictured in the background are Josh and my friends Ted Habza and David Garcia.

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