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I graduated from law school, so you can’t blame me for having some of this stuff here, can you?

This site is family-friendly and has gay subject-matter. This web site and all the web pages contained herein (collectively hereinafter referred to as “Haydennet.com”) contains links to various government information pages and reference pages useful for legal research. Joseph A. Hayden has no control over the content of the linked pages, and cannot be responsible for the accuracy of any information in the linked pages. This page is not legal advice by Joseph A. Hayden. If you need advice concerning a specific legal matter, you should consult an attorney in your own jurisdiction. Joseph A. Hayden cannot provide legal advice over the telephone or in response to email. If you want to consult me regarding advice or representation in a specific legal matter after I admitted to the Bar, please call me at the contact information on this site’s front page to schedule an appointment for an office conference. Please be advised that I am not your lawyer unless and until I am admitted to the Bar, we agree to the terms of the representation and we agree to the terms of payment. Although the best has been done to ensure that the information in these pages is accurate, it must be emphasized that this information does not constitute the provision of legal advice. For answers to specific questions, you should consult an attorney familiar with your particular situation. While I believe that the information presented is accurate as of the time it was prepared and/or updated, changes in the law and in legal web-site addresses occur frequently. Thus, I cannot be held responsible for any errors or misstatements. No web site can substitute for the advice of a lawyer knowledgeable in his or her field, who is personally consulted with respect to a particular fact pattern. Users of this site are encouraged to seek legal counsel as and when appropriate. The most cost-effective legal advice is preventative advice. Hopefully, the articles at this site will encourage clients and lawyers alike to focus on anticipating, and hopefully avoiding, certain legal entanglements. Use of or reliance upon the educational information set forth in these pages shall be at the user’s own risk and shall not establish any contractual or other formal legal relationship between Joseph A. Hayden and the users of this information. Certain names, logos, designs, titles, words or phrases used at this web-site may constitute proprietary trademarks, service marks or trade names. Users of this site are provided with limited permission under the copyright to download a copy of any of these articles for personal use and for educational purposes, provided that the copyright notices are not altered or removed. Privacy and confidentiality cannot be assured when using email. Please do not send or convey private or sensitive information that you would not want seen by others via email. Pursuant to US Code, Title 47, Chapter 5, Subchapter II, s227, any and all non-solicited commercial E-Mail sent to this address is subject to a download and archival fee in the amount of $500.00 US. Emailing denotes acceptance of these terms. Photographs/Images Please note that all pictures are obtained with the permission of the parties portrayed, were requested by the parties that I place their images on this web site, or the permission has been sought by me but there was no response within a reasonable period of time. In any event, the copyright of whatever remaining images is held by Joseph A. Hayden. I believe in non-censorship and the strictest of free speech. I also do not believe that it is appropriate, professional or becoming to portray someone (particularly who is not a public official) in a bad light in a public forum such as a web site. I am continuously told that it is an honor for one’s image to be put on my web site. However, I would not want to have an image of someone here who was unhappy with that presence because of a negative portrayal. For this purpose I believe I have gone out of my way to ensure that no unnecessarily negative information, which some may wish to claim is potentially defamatory, is included in the content of any publicly accessible web site under my control. I also go out of my way to ensure that permission for the posting of images of minors (at least those who are still minors since I even have pictures of myself as a child) are diligently pursued before placing them on this Web Site since there are rare cases where predatory criminals have used the web to gather images or data for their illicit purposes.   All rights reserved worldwide.

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