Raccoon face proxy, Teleprompter Trump, speaking like he was on a hostage video (a la Hollywood Access tape with his pants down) refused to include the word “gun” in his speech after the Parkland school massacre. Today his deputy spokesperson, Raj Shah, said that the shooter got the “WEAPON” (emphasis mine) by going through a background check, and Shah repeatedly said “weapon,” carefully omitting that the WEAPON was an AR-15 GUN, placating the NRA with their dog whistles.

This after 45 made it easier for mentally ill people to get guns by rescinding the executive order of President Obama and even having the audacity to reduce funding for mental health services by 25% AND school safety by 36%.  Our first orange president’s recently adopted party members and racist, munchkin attorney general mustered the GUTS to mutter about how we need to “do more.” The 45th said that they are here for whatever the victims need,  We wouldn’t NEED funeral expenses if you had not allowed the assault weapons ban to lapse, making it legally sanctioned for a highly disturbed person hearing voices like our current Vice President claims to hear from buying powerful GUNS when he’s not legally allowed to buy a beer.  People spoke up and the FBi was so busy brown-nosing 45 for his basket of scandals that they didn’t follow up with specific threats that came in as recently as last month. The availability of assault GUNS are so prevalent in our society, and the murderer in Parkland was a self-hating punk affiliated with Trump’s beloved white supremacist base. 

We actually NEED the Republican whores of the NRA to say the word “gun” initially. We NEED supposedly independently wealthy amateur politician reality star Putin-backed leaders to reject donations and influence (over $21 million to Trump) if they are truly not beholden to lobbyists of the extremes.  We need politicians who would not accept money out of hand from organizations such as the NRA, which actively ignores even what their own inflated loosely-compiled memberships roles think as reasonable gun control legislation.  Of course, with a hypocrite-in-chief, children SHOULD come before gun lobby donations, but I’m not holding my breath. Even supposedly maverick Repugs like John McCain do NOTHING while he dies from cancer and garners as much sympathy as he can for being a former POW.  I hope he enjoys the donations of the NRA of almost $8 million. I hope his family will enjoy that money for generations to come as their fallacious and vacuous prayers are tweeted out to the victims’ families, together with other large receivers of NRA contributions who tweet, but still lack the guts to say a GUN was involved here in the murder of 17 more people in one setting.

Now our predator-in-chief is using the Broward County tragedy as an excuse to visit his winter palace in Florida (at taxpayer expense) and make it into a publicity visit. I applaud the victims of the shooting of an ASSAULT GUN for rejecting this stunt, as they attend funerals for fourteen year-old children who had promise.

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