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Journalists and Anchors need to do their jobs too.

@andersoncooper Do your job to correct panelists! Twice last night you let two Repubs (some would call them a cracker and an uncle Tom) use the diminutive “Democrat party.” This is a thing! #doyourjob  The capital D name of the party is DemocratIC.

There is more to being a journalist than just fact checking and putting on a pretty face.  It’s not just congresspersons who need to do their jobs right.

Dubya, Limbaugh & Gingrich have been pulling this stunt for years and need to be checked on it, lest we do the same to them.  Don’t let them disparage progressives with this pejorative. Words are powerful and created by humans for a reason.

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Boycott Time Magazine

In addition to RJR, Nabisco and Kraft (tobacco owned), my personal boycott of trash-mag/tabloid approaching Time Magazine and anything Trump has to do with will be happily added to the list.  How dare they capitalize on the minority vote recipient as “Man of the Year” for his bombast, racism, xenophobia, fascism, islamophobia, misogyny (all words that have been heavily searched for online this past year) as if he is an icon, as if he is not a gloating bigot and an admitted sexual assaulter, justifying it by his concocted “celebrity.”

How am I letting Time magazine know about my disdain?   I’m blogging about it, for starters.  We should all vote with our wallets. Regardless of the precedents of putting infamous people up on there to sell ads in desperation, extolling a man who is already gloating about this specific cover with no doubt the most flowery of articles, is how this demagogue got elected by a minority of voters by the pandering media (and yes, I’m talking about the LIBERAL media mostly).  Who voted for him?  Well demographically in particular the swing voting white people in the Midwest who are entitled to a vote and a half based on their geography and an antiquated undemocratic elitist-based system that the USA still has in place since the 18th century.

Orlando Shooter

No need spreading his name further, or allowing him to drag any religion or sect through the mud, but this closet freak was called out by me the moment I heard the news of his choice of venue. I do NOT accept the media’s interpretation of his going to Disney specifically during GAY days, and going to the club at least a dozen times before to be “surveillance” visits (emphasis mine).  He was looking for gay men to have sex with, to get drunk out of his mind against his father’s wishes because he didn’t have the social skills to find a boyfriend.  Just as he had been doing for YEARS (even before his first marriage to a woman) on those gay hookup sites/apps, he also was not doing “surveillance” or “investigation” for his suicide by cop.

Unfortunately his extreme familiarity with the club was probably why he was able to hold up in the bathroom with hostages and be so sadly efficient in killing more people than any other lone gunman in American history. What a legacy. What a way to prove to his homophobic, intolerant father what a gay-basher he was, instead of the deeply disturbed self-hating faggot he didn’t have the balls to be. His father is literally bragging about how his son couldn’t possibly have been gay because of where he chose to do this, so another loser drank the kool-aid.

Speaking of falling in line before thinking, these NRA cronies are still using their uneducated masses about the law and the 2nd Amendment without any interpretation by SCOTUS over centuries. Even the suggestion of controlling large magazine ammunition puts their panties in a twist.  Lying with statistics and worrying about their next armament purchase so they can fight against the US Military (the largest in the world, which no one can explain how these militias would have a chance against), just makes me laugh. Yet those born with the most privilege in the country (whites) are 100% of these die-hard self-deputized militias.  How’s that working out for them?

During his rampage he called 911.  He was so inarticulate about “them bombing his country,” he didn’t even know how to distinguish between the Sunni and Shiite extremist groups that he purportedly allied himself with. It still didn’t take last-gasp ISIL any time to take credit for his actions, even if it was embarrassing for them to have to admit that one of their so-called heroes lowered himself to going into a gay venue.  Lest we forget he was born in New York, lived in Florida, and probably never even went to Afghanistan, where his parents are from.

Never before was a ISIL attack so specific as to target a gay establishment. Why? Because gay sex is alive and well (and plentiful) in oppressive societies where women aren’t even allowed to walk down the streets by themselves. Remember Yassir Arafat and his beard of a wife in France who he never lived with and only married when he was near death to cover up the speculation about his sexuality and AIDS diagnosis? This is just one tiny example.  The muslim/arab world is not unique in its quashing of love between people of the same gender, but so help me if someone from ANY country contacts me without a face picture. I have been fighting for gay rights with pro bono work, including as a volunteer board member of an international gay parenting organization, for years.  That doesn’t make me a hero, but that should prove that I chose to take a different direction when I came to the realization as a man with a child and going through a divorce that I was going to have to grow up and deal with this.

We kiss in solidarity with the injured and fallen in Orlando. Here’s to not being closeted, bigoted and hateful like the monster who perpetrated this act out of his own insecurity.  His father contended that the shooter seeing men kissing one time in Miami caused this. Sounds like this failure of a parent has a lot to learn about his scummy offspring.

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Too Soon, Scalia?

I don’t think you have to have a law degree (as I do) to be OUTRAGED at the suggestion that the Constitutional MANDATE that the United States President (who happens to be Black), appoint a supreme court justice with 11 months left in office and that the U.S. Congress fulfil its Constitutional mandate to seriously consider nominees, which it should do in good faith.  If the judicial committee of the Republican majority Senate does not step up to the plate, not only should their constituents be outraged, as I am, but they should all be IMPEACHED.  As a legal scholar and strict constructionalist of the Constitution, Scalia would be turning in his newly dug grave if he had caught wind of this.  I’m sure he would be all over this if it wasn’t serving the conservative cause, so let’s not use their far right’s love of his retrograde opinions smoke the glass here.

To the Curb, Kasich

Maybe if Kasich didn’t try to sell himself as the only “reasonable Repub” and then a few days ago make a dick move to defund anything to do Planned Parenthood in Ohio, he would have had a chance at placing above the other crazies on his side of the aisle. Like the rest of his desperate party members who are trying to rehabilitate the party, he is obviously not above pandering. Timing is everything and he benefited from the economics of his Democratic president. That’s something that other lower politicians like Giuliani also never gave credit to. In his case it was Bill Clinton who started sending money back into the cities.

Trayvon and Cory

Still numb from hearing about Cory Monteith dying in Vancouver BC (where I was a month ago, myself) when I was in Europe, and the verdict in the Trayvon Martin murder trial.  Let’s hope people learn from these lessons (i.e., getting help for addiction and repealing these Draconian “stand your ground” gun laws in states like Florida).  From what I’ve heard the jury doesn’t feel like Zimmerman should have gotten away with murder, but because of the crappily way the law is written, he was acquitted.

It’s Hell in Cleveland

When I walk outside these past few days, I’m appreciating the sun on my face.  When I think about those three women (and the child) who were trapped in that hell for ten years in Cleveland, it just defies comprehension that their youth was robbed of them in such a monstrous way.  Karma isn’t enough, and there is no sentence I can imagine good enough, for that excuse for human life who kidnapped them, beat them, raped them, starved them, shackled them, mind-fucked them, etc.  I don’t care if he had a troubled youth himself, he violated people in his life a thousand fold and that is simply beyond outrageous.

Simulating Live Ammunition at Work Emergency Drill

I’m not sure I agree with the logic or attempt at realism, but our emergency drill today here at my job involved their using blank ammunition, I suppose to simulate a weapon-yielding whack job coming into this place.  I hope they didn’t give anyone any ideas.  It’s a hospital and so far I haven’t heard of any of these mass shootings taking place in one.

The Time to Talk About Gun Control Was December 15

I hate to blame victims in these tragedies, but now it’s being revealed Nancy Lanza, the Newtown gunman’s mother, was a “survivalist” and gun enthusiast who regularly took her mentally disturbed son to the gun range with her ?  Really?

I do not care if the guns were obtained legally or not, but she really needed FOUR guns with large magazines to “protect” herself in her tiny, ex-burb in Connecticut and she got many bullets in her head from her son, who she gave access to the guns, while she slept.

This is not about how crazy she was, which is way crazy, but this is about how she legally acquired these things and a tragic chain of events led to… well, everyone in the world knows now… another example of our extreme violent culture, in every corner, liberal and conservative, of this very large and powerful frontier-minded, puritanical country where almost no one understands the true legal analysis of the oft-invoked Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  Do your homework, people.

The NRA’s pandering statement today is vacuous, at best, today, also.  They cite no specifics in what they will do to make sure this never happens again.  They don’t even listen to the polls of their own card-carrying membership.  It is a hard line across the board, and people like Cheney voted against undetectable, plastic firearms because of the whoring he did for lobbyists like theirs.  There is no end to the insanity.  I really don’t think these 27 martyrs are going to be enough to move the country.  This wasn’t even the largest bloodbath in American history from one lone, crazed gunman, and the damage could have been far worse if he had exhausted all of the fire power his wholly irresponsible mother provided him direct access to.

I was aware of Obama’s lack of progress on gun control well before this particular tragedy.  I know he’s had a full plate, but hopefully with the power of the second term, he will not kowtow to lobbyists and make some permanent improvements in our lives by doing something no president has ever done (again), but in this arena.

The NRA nuts are going to say “people kill people but guns don’t kill people”.  Well the nutjob in China who attacked a school recently didn’t kill the 22 kids he stabbed. Most of them will live, unlike Lanza’s victims.