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Valentine’s Day Feast

Shando cooked up a (vegetarian) storm with two other couples who we celebrated with in San Francisco.  It was a Tuesday night so it didn’t go late, and we neglected to take pictures of the evening, but we pigged out on some of the great food including these two dishes Shando made (double-chocolate bread pudding with croissants and vegetable paella).

Second Big Island Trip (Kona and South Point)

Our second time to the Big Island we stayed for New Years in a big mansion on Kona, although our designated area was just a part of it with the pool, we were given access to the rest of it, which turned out to be great for New Year’s Eve.  The dry side of the island had some of our favorite beaches with turtles and amazing sunsets.  We had fun enjoying that entire side of the island in a convertible.