Moss Beach and Montara for Joe’s 46th Birthday

Shando and I took the Yorkies to the Distillery at Moss Beach, and then further north to Montara, where we sadly saw this dead sea lion with a decayed face resembling a log from a distance.  I speculated that it probably crawled up on the beach to die and the birds had picked to dine on its face.

On a happier note, Monte really impressed me with fetching a frisbee for the first time.  I’m so happy that Shando was able to get this video of Monte’s technique for picking up the frisbee in the sand.


Backyard Progress

With the encouragement of friends and help from some people on TaskRabbit, I’m getting the backyard to be more functional.  I’m still tossing around ideas and not complete with where I want it to be, but to show the progress and some of the ideas I am working on, I thought I’d document the progress here.  I’m not completely happy with the grass “rugs,” but they were inexpensive and may function for a while to increase the usefulness of the backyard.  I have a potting bench I have to put together and I’m going to get my gazebo reinforced and a hot tub cover valet installed.