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Joe’s first Phone VR Experience

This was at my daughter’s home on Lake Merritt.  I’ve did VR many years ago at South Street Seaport in Manhattan during a lunch break when I worked on Wall Street, but that was like an entire room.  This has potential, I can see, but the glasses will need to be a lot more comfortable and I guess I should be standing up instead of twisting on a big couch next time.  

Shando’s Cousin and Garden Party

We had a whirlwind day with several events, including my friend Gary’s garden party at his gorgeous home on the San Leandro/Oakland border.  There are a few pictures from his garden.  We also had a chance to see Shando’s cousin and her husband on their way to their trip in Hawaii, since we weren’t able to attend their wedding in Las Vegas several months earlier due to the cheap airline we booked cancelling our flight at the last minute for no apparent reason.