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Point Isabel

First chance for a major walk after we got back from Europe.  After the first several days of an extreme heat wave to welcome us, this was the first day of blistering cold by the water, together with overcast sky.  Of all days to have removed my reserve jacket from the SUV.  Oh well.

July General Mixed Photos

We did a rigorous hike with the dogs and Jesus when he visited in the Oakland Hills.  Then, on July 11, Shando and I went to Castro Valley Pride, hosted at my daughter’s high school alma mater.  We celebrated the West Coast reception of our friends Steve and Michael’s wedding, which took place in the Carolinas.  I tried out a funky chair at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  We bought the dogs a stroller for when they get older and to keep them out of harm’s way during street fairs, which we had seen someone with at Castro Valley Pride do with their dog who was recuperating from surgery, but still wanting to bring him along for fresh air.  With a big group of bear friends we also went to a water park in Contra Costa County (photo courtesy of John Chen), close to where I work.