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San Jacinto Tram

This was my first time up the mountain in the tram in all the trips I’ve made to Palm Springs.  Shando was a veteran.  Despite all the warnings, the temperature at the top of the mountain was quite pleasant and not a dramatic difference from the floor, so the winter attire and sweater for overkill, but we had a great time anyway.


Back to the Garden

Spring is almost back and the rainy and relatively cold winter seems to have subsided.  With items gifted to me from my friends in Oakland who are getting ready to put their house on the market and other items I plucked from my Mom’s house that is about to go on the market as well, together with clippings from some of her plants, Shando has been helping me to make some dramatic beautification to the backyard.  I’m really putting my potting table to use.  The pictures are the before and after of one area of the backyard, but the video shows more of the green thumb I’m trying to develop.