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Backyard Progress

With the encouragement of friends and help from some people on TaskRabbit, I’m getting the backyard to be more functional.  I’m still tossing around ideas and not complete with where I want it to be, but to show the progress and some of the ideas I am working on, I thought I’d document the progress here.  I’m not completely happy with the grass “rugs,” but they were inexpensive and may function for a while to increase the usefulness of the backyard.  I have a potting bench I have to put together and I’m going to get my gazebo reinforced and a hot tub cover valet installed.

2013 Thanksgiving Dinner

My daughter prepared a mostly vegan meal the day after thanksgiving, which was more convenient for everyone who was not hanging out with their in-laws on Thanksgiving Day this year, which also would have been my father’s birthday.

I paid for the groceries and Alexandra did a lot of the work, with Rob’s help, especially cleaning up.  My daughter featured this on her blog prominently and was happy to mention that none of the family or friends who also were able to partake even asked where the meat was because it was so fulfilling and tasty, despite being very healthy.


Aquatic Park, Berkeley

Visited my daughter and Jesus with my dogs.  We walked from their place to the nearby park, where to my surprise they have water skiing.  It’s right next to the busy freeway and close to downtown Berkeley.  What a juxtaposition.  Our evening followed a visit to Peet’s Coffee on the newly renewed part of 4th Street, which reminds my daughter and me very much of Park Slope, Brooklyn.  Later we had dinner at Herbivore, which I had gone to many times on Valencia Street in San Francisco, but never before at their Berkeley location.