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Rear impact video and pictures

Dashcam proves that i was NOT stopped on the freeway (not that that matters) as other driver originally claimed. Indeed, the driver of the grey 2011 Hyundai sedan that folded up when it rear-ended me told the police officer that he was distracted by “spitting” out the window, while he was was changing lanes between the car behind me and my car and probably going at an excessive speed. I ended up several HUNDRED feet in front of his car as I was pushed forward and my car came to an automatic stop.  Below is a picture of the car that hit me.  The police officers assured me I was completely faultless.  Below are pictures of my car which hopefully will not be totaled.  I feel like having my seatbelt on and being in a big safe car definitely helped me to be no worse for wear after being rammed at high velocity.  I do recall seeing the Hyundai almost vertical in my rear view mirror as it slammed into the back of my car.  Supposedly the other driver had bought his car a week ago.

The crash happens at about 4:30 into the clip.

As per the video the crash happened in lane 2 (one over from the speed lane).  My car becoming immediately inoperable (as I’m sure theirs was) had to be pushed while in park (I could not start it or change gears) by the police vehicle once the entire freeway in my direction was forced to come to a complete stop.  The officer had me steer the car, which was a weird sensation.

I was alone in my vehicle when I was smashed into, but as you can see in one of these pictures below, both the front head rests were forced out from the impact.  I’m very lucky that there were no cars immediately in front of me and somehow the car behind the jerk who struck my car was able to make a complete stop before impacting his car — probably because he wasn’t distracted by a mobile phone or spitting out the window or showing off for his friend or what have you.