Gastric Sleeve

2012-06-27 Update:  Had Gastric Sleeve Surgery on May 15, 2012 (so about six weeks ago).  Within a few weeks I no longer snored and am free of the CPAP mask since I no longer have Obstructive Sleep apnea (which I suffered from on and off for at least 18 years).  Diabetes (which I had for about 13 years) was CURED/gone when I walked out of the hospital the next day.  I take no more insulin (was injecting eight times a day with two different types) and no pills for insulin.  I take no cholesterol medications anymore.  When I lose more weight I hope to get off the blood pressure medicines I’m on.  See related postings:

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  1. Wow my situation was so similar to yours.. yes loosing weight could cure it but not necessarily. It DOES make it worse (the weight) I was dignosed around 2003.. and although the mask is hell to live with I could never go back to the uncontrolled state. also you get nice filtered air all night and its great for allergies and you can humidify and warm your air too. I place a few drops of geranium oil near the machine and it is a great therapy.. my room smells great and the boyfriend doesn’t really care after all, just have to be yourself.

    What most peopple don’t know.. apnea can CAUSE overweight too.

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