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That Rekers (like oxidized hypocrisy)!

I’m so reveling in the PERFECT HYPOCRITE squirming like a maggot:  “Rentboy.com Rekers” testified against gay parents because of neurotic suppression of his own gayness! Wake up people!

I can’t find anything online yet re Rekers’ wife; was she at home during this ten day trip to Europe with rentboy? What about all of his other “assisted” vacations?  UPDATE:  So now it is clear what Rekers was trying to protect in part:  he has a wife and sons (presumably grown) and he has finally admitted to some weaknesses and getting spiritual help that he needs, even though he’s clinging on to the claim that he was able to “counsel” his rentboy on being saved (presumably while he was enjoying the mandated naked massages that he insisted on paying for daily).

The lawyer in me cannot fathom how Rekers could be SO DUMB as to put his “contract” expecting intimacy in writing!  I believe they showed the document, with Rekers’ real name no less, in the CNN interview video with the waif, who was probably the one who provided it to them. I guess Rekers needed it in writing because was concerned he wouldn’t get his $75 worth every single day of his trip! I do not believe it required a happy ending!

At least SOME of the fortune Florida paid Rekers for his bigotry&self-loathing streams back to the community through his string of rented twinks, right?