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Timber’s big day

Timber was amazing at the dog park and we got her a new, fancy velcro harness that matches her fur to replace her collar.  She loved being bathed and brushed earlier this week.  She has a checkup at the end of the month.  Here’s some video of the park today, together with her new siblings, and last night playing like a 13 year old puppy with Shando:

Assorted September Pictures

One of our favorite dog parks is Oyster Bay in San Leandro, where these pussy willows got our attention, especially the ones with the purple hue.  Tucker has become inseparable from me and pretty much has claimed his place flanking me, particularly in our couch spot.  Some great pictures of handsome Shando and one of Monte finding it cooler (September is our warmest month) on the ground under the other dogs is also included.

Clearlake Dogs Enjoying Cooled Indoor Air

Our friend from San Francisco was visiting Clearlake and renting a hotel room with air conditioning during the heat wave, so with him and the other couple who were in the general area, we had six dogs and five bears for a slumber party in the cooled home of our friend Bob, who graciously lets us stay in his vacation home in Clearlake whenever we can make it up there.