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Moss Beach and Montara for Joe’s 46th Birthday

Shando and I took the Yorkies to the Distillery at Moss Beach, and then further north to Montara, where we sadly saw this dead sea lion with a decayed face resembling a log from a distance.  I speculated that it probably crawled up on the beach to die and the birds had picked to dine on its face.

On a happier note, Monte really impressed me with fetching a frisbee for the first time.  I’m so happy that Shando was able to get this video of Monte’s technique for picking up the frisbee in the sand.


Washington Heights

I certainly never saw these parts of Manhattan before and I regret that I didn’t get to explore it even more.  My friends live nearby on Cabrini Blvd., so I usually stay with them there and should be able to check out the cloisters and such again in the future.


Ground Zero Revamped

I have a long history with the Twin Towers going back to the late 1970’s when they were only a few years old.  I have footage of them from my apartment window on Governor’s Island elsewhere on this site in color back then.  I was there in NYC when the towers fell and interviewing for a job on the 76th floor of one of them a few weeks before September 11.  I document that on this site in great detail as well.  I happened to be at this event just as the last few windows were being put on the Freedom Tower and the museum was open for the survivors and first responders.  A friend of mine actually got tickets for immediately after but it didn’t work out for my schedule.  The thought of him suggesting that I go with him was very touching, though, as I don’t get back to NYC all that often these days.

Christopher Street – The Historical Gay Ground Zero

Much has changed on Christopher Street since I moved away from NYC, but I still have a ton of nostalgia for this area which was so formative in my coming out process.  I still feel a sense of strong envy for those who live in such a dynamic area and in the amazing buildings that will survive centuries more than they already have.  Fortunately the streets were closed for a vendor fair when I waltzed down and took this video with my friend Steve.