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Point Isabel

First chance for a major walk after we got back from Europe.  After the first several days of an extreme heat wave to welcome us, this was the first day of blistering cold by the water, together with overcast sky.  Of all days to have removed my reserve jacket from the SUV.  Oh well.

Sitges with Shando

After my daughter flew back to New York we moved on to Sitges, the other city we visited in Catalonia, Spain this trip.  Of course we went primarily for the bear event which was commencing that weekend, but we really were only there the weekend before the event started.  Still, it was a great crowd in an amazing location.  The weather wasn’t super hot, but warm enough to get into the calm, clean sea.  Once again we really scored with an Airbnb, despite it being a five flight walk up.  We had terraces with ocean views on both sides of the two story apartment and plenty of amenities and comfort to make meals for ourselves, although we did partake in lots of savory delights in restaurants also.  To our amazement, with the very international crowd, we met New Zealanders, Australians, Germans and even dozens of San Franciscans there, but I don’t recall seeing one person I knew from New York, strangely.

Seattle-Port Townsend-Whidbey Island

My dear friend from law school came down from Vancouver, BC with his partner to hang out with Shando and me in Seattle for a few days and we had an amazing time.  Shando had never been to Seattle and he wanted to see some of the Puget Sound areas, including Deception Pass. We had the best guides and were so lucky to make new friends also.  We did get there during a heat wave (and no one in Washington has air conditioning by default).

20150702 Space Needle image-3313d43980b328b8b9f75e27b787dd4f71dc9c9fd10023263bb4024b50eec2bd-V

Shando got me a great birthday lunch at the Seattle Space Needle, nitrogen-cooled ice cream bowl smoking away:

Deer roaming around Port Townsend, Whidbey Island and the Fish Ladder at the Locks