Happy Birthday! Give me the update on you!

Dear Friends born This Day in a Previous Year:

This is my standing Birthday Check-in Page! If you are here, it is most likely because I sent you an email wishing you a happy birthday/belated birthday.  I do hope you’re having a good one. I figure throughout the year when I contact people for their birthday, it is as good a time as any to get the update on you, so I’m not inundated with this information at one point at the end of the year when I send out my year in review email. If you are in the mood, answer some or all of the questions below.  I always enjoy reading the answers and staying in touch you if I have retained your email address.  I am the only one who receives these emails and they are not posted here (even if you want them to be). Also, despite what some people think, the link you got to this page is NOT an automated email message! I know who you are and where we met (online or in real life), so just ask me if you don’t recognize me for some reason.  As always, my latest contact information, photos, blogs and activities with my friends and loved ones are prominently documented on this site. You are always welcome to poke around!

Please keep in mind that because of my move back to the West Coast (a lot of people don’t realize that I am from here), my birthday notations for many who I met while living in NYC were thrown off by a day (or three hours to be more precise), so sometimes I will have your birthday as both the actual day and the day before. Please feel free to clarify if it appears I have the wrong day in my contact list, as I’m attempting to manually remedy this, but usually I can figure out the actual date based on my notes.  Many people I have as both the actual date of their birthday and the day before.

Circa 1985 Interview with Michelle Heilman and Jeff Brown

Probably taken at my birthday party in July 1985, so that would have been between my junior and senior years of high school. Michelle had probably just graduated as she was a year ahead of me. Jeff is his usual contrived, macho self making a homophobic remark to me (yawn) — but the wannabe bully showed up to my birthday party, after all. My sister then proceeds in another distorted clip to do the same to my little brother, who takes it in stride.


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