December Dogs

2017 Holiday Season Portraits and Decorations

Chondromalacia Patella

I’ve been home bound more than usual the last few months of 2017 because of chondromalacia patella, a knee injury commonly known as runner’s knee.  Earlier in the year I had injured my other knee, but that was quickly fixed after it was drained by an orthopedic surgeon.  The left knee was a lot more painful and the recovery has been a lot longer with crutches and all.  I’ve started physical therapy and I’m out of a lot of pain, but I will continue to heal and do my exercises so I can once again engage in the hiking and more extensive travel that I love to do so much.  Despite the car accident that happened two days after this knee injury, I actually was not injured in the car accident so far as I can tell, but the timing was strange indeed. 

Post-Thanksgiving visit from Jesus & Claudia

Soon after we returned from our trip to Palm Springs, my beloved son-in-law, Jesus, and his long-time vegan Italian speaking performer friend, Claudia, came to stay with us for a few days.  We had a great several days hanging out with the dogs and watching videos, one of which reminded me so much of my other Italian-speaking performer friend Carol Henning.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, of the millions of people in New York City, Carol and Claudia knew each other!!  ….so we just HAD to message Carol with these surprising photos.  What a small freaking world!

Thanksgiving Weekend 2017 in Palm Springs

This trip we got a lot of the sun that I really needed after being in the house for a few months with my injured knee.  It was good exercise for my knee to be in the pool a lot and I actually was able to do some walking without a cane or crutches.  We also happened to run into one of our neighbors here in Hayward who was down in palm Springs for the same weekend, so it was nice to run into him and see a bunch of other friends, together with making some great new ones.

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