Journalists and Anchors need to do their jobs too.

@andersoncooper Do your job to correct panelists! Twice last night you let two Repubs (some would call them a cracker and an uncle Tom) use the diminutive “Democrat party.” This is a thing! #doyourjob  The capital D name of the party is DemocratIC.

There is more to being a journalist than just fact checking and putting on a pretty face.  It’s not just congresspersons who need to do their jobs right.

Dubya, Limbaugh & Gingrich have been pulling this stunt for years and need to be checked on it, lest we do the same to them.  Don’t let them disparage progressives with this pejorative. Words are powerful and created by humans for a reason.

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Indivisible – Stay and Fight

My late mother has a home in Calabria, Italy, that is still in our family, but I have chosen to fight for the country where was born, even though I could move to Europe (where I lived twice) at a moment’s notice and legally become an EU citizen and resident with permission to work because of my mother’s citizenship when I was born.  
Former congressional staffers reveal best practices for making Congress listen. 

White people in the Midwest should only get One Vote too

I would like to live in a democracy (I’ve lived in two other countries that are, but not the United States).

I just signed a petition to President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate: Amend the constitution to abolish the Electoral College. Hold presidential elections based on popular vote.

I don’t feel that white people who choose to live in god-forsaken parts of the country where they think they can be entitled to 1.5 votes each should be rewarded for choosing that. Don’t get me wrong, living in fly-over country is just fine and that’s their prerogative, but they cannot expect a reward of their votes to count for more than one person. The result of the electoral college has ONLY been proven to be — and by design it is — to give white people (especially with means) to have more than one vote per person. This is why I oppose undemocratic methods of voting for the leader of the free world and this is how the PREDATOR in chief was elected.

Zaleski Wilson

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Celebrated the union of Michael and Chris (with their dog Brillo) in Dublin, California.  They are a very handsome and special couple, and we met a lot of wonderful people at their reception (they actually got married last December 24).  The day of their reception was also very special to me because it would have been my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary!


Fort Bragg Trip

It rained a lot this weekend, but we got some great walks in, and I even ran into a co-worker when we stopped by Mendocino.  There are so many charming areas like Glass Beach and the quaint downtown Fort Bragg that we really enjoy.  We stayed at an Airbnb a few miles north of there and it was heavenly for the dogs to have so much space, even though it was saturated everywhere.


Valentine’s Day Feast

Shando cooked up a (vegetarian) storm with two other couples who we celebrated with in San Francisco.  It was a Tuesday night so it didn’t go late, and we neglected to take pictures of the evening, but we pigged out on some of the great food including these two dishes Shando made (double-chocolate bread pudding with croissants and vegetable paella).

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